The here and now in logo design

Por Raúl Plancarte
Edición de textos: Christian Núñez

Time-flag that expresses and valorate change-a certain leadership awakens us. We are part of the global creative process. The change is now. Being in trend is no longer fearsome, but the last value. Space / time limits are constantly diluted. The proposals, less linear and unidirectional, incorporate change into new environments and experiences.

The objects, previously associated with wear and the irreversible, give way to the terrain of brands and logos.

Our collective consciousness, among books, paintings, photographs and vestiges, also evolved. Design-Its messages and possibilities of use-take less orthodox or academic guidelines, in favor of simplicity and functionality. Ground gained

Selfies, memes, icons, stickers are generational symptoms. A world of images demands your attention.  Today the competition of a brand designer is not against his colleagues. To think about it so is to have a very short vision. However, you know that you are in front a great logo from the first moment. it highlight among the visual chaos, it is memorable, simple, direct.

From being public face of a company, a logo now belongs to popular culture. 

In Todayslogo; Without serving formal clients, we explore a niche of inspiration and entertainment. We approach personal and individual proposals from emotions, even from temperamental reactions, different meanings, recent contexts.

Alina Wheeler, author of Designing Brand Identity, says about the Amazon logo design: «The arrow covers two functions: a smile that conveys the idea of friendly customer service and connects the“ A ”to the“ Z ”because Amazon offers all.

Everything is there. 

Designing effectively is not easy. It requires a certain strategy, conscious ability in the technique and solid content. Such ingredients generate affinity to the audience in which we wish to succeed here and now. 

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